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We specialize in 100% mobile digital audio and video recording as it relates to the "classical" music industry.


Our services range from live concert recording, to full commercial CD and DVD recording, authoring and production,

to select audition Cd's and DVD's for competitions and conservatory pre screen applications.



A couple "retail" projects we've done recently that you may want to check out!

Roland Vamos: Exercises for the Violin in Various Combinations of Double-Stops

Rachel Barton Pine: Foundation Studies for the Violin, Volume 1 - 60 First Position Studies (From Opp. 45, 54, 74)

Tanya and Jerry Carey: Golden Celebration CD

A few samples so you know what we do:



Windy Apple Studios does not post recording studio prices Online. It's easy to assume that a recording studio's prices reflect its quality, many artists select a studio based on price alone. We take great pride in not only the music and video we produce, but also our ability to create a product you will be proud of at a per unit price you are comfortable with.

We're here to help! Feel free to contact Rob Waller (Owner, executive producer and over all good guy) directly anytime, to set up an appointment, or even just for friendly advice.! :)

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